Form 800 Series

The State of California's Fair Political Practices Commission instituted a new regulation effective February 7, 2009 defining how a public agency may distribute event tickets and passes for a public purpose. This required the County to adopt a ticket policy that contains, at a minimum, the following: 

  • A provision setting forth the governmental purposes of the County to be accomplished by the distribution of event passes or tickets; 
  • A provision requiring that the distribution of any ticket or pass by the County to, or at the behest of, a County official accomplish a public purpose of the County; and 
  • A provision prohibiting the transfer by any County official of any ticket or pass, distributed to such official pursuant to the County policy, to any other person, other than members of the official's immediate family solely for their personal use.

In order to fully implement the requirements of the new regulation, the Board of Supervisors adopted the Policy in May 2010 covering the distribution of passes and tickets. The policy acknowledges the obligation imposed by the new regulation that the County post certain information regarding the distribution of tickets and passes prominently on the County website.

There are three types of Form 800 disclosure filings that are required by the Political Reform Act.  


[Title 2, Div 6, CA Code of Regulations 18944.2]

This form is used by local government agencies to disclosure payments made to the agency when the payment provides a personal benefit to an official of the agency.  In 2010 the Sacramento Board of Supervisors adopted an administrative policy for submission and posting of the forms.  The policy and filed forms are required to be posted on the County's web page for public inspection. 

Policy              Blank Form 801 [Link]    


[ Title 2, Div 6, CA Code of Regulations 18944.1] 

This form is used by local government agencies to disclose the distribution (to an agency official) of tickets or passes that allow admission to facilities, events, shows or performances for entertainment, amusement, recreational, or similar purposes.  In May of 2010 the Board of Supervisors adopted a policy on the distribution, use and reporting of tickets and passes.  The policy and filed forms are required to be posted on the County's web page for public inspection. 

Policy      Blank Form 802 [Link

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[Government Code 82015(b)(2)(B)(iii)] 

This form is used by all elected officials to disclose payments made at their behest, principally for legislative, governmental, or charitable purposes.   Although the regulation has been in existence for many years, the Fair Political Practices Commission recently adopted the Form 803 to make compliance with the regulation easier.  The forms are filed with the County Clerk of the Board's Office and are posted on the County's web page for public inspection. 

Policy     Blank Form 803 [Link

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